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Lady Jane is a place where you find useful, beautiful, and carefully handcrafted Cannabis-related products. If you love cannabis and this is your haven. You will find products to store the plant, roll it, or show your love for it to the world.

How it all started

About LadyJane

LadyJane was started as a passion in 2016, after discovering the healing properties of the cannabis plant I wanted to shout if from the rooftops.
Sure, I knew about smoking pot...getting high and even dabbled in some edibles here and there. But using cannabis medicinally came to a whole new level for me after attending the Women Grow Conference in Colorado.
You see, my 16yr old niece was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma and finding a cure for her was extremely important to me. After attending this conference I became very aware of just what this plant can do.